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Have you ever thought how much moeny your company spends on importing the goods from your suppliers? It can be as much as twice of the money you spend on importing products. Why not try a new supplier and save more money. We are efficient, dependable and economical. If you plan to buy some products from Hong Kong, China, Dubai or Pakistan, feel free to contact us.


We are dedicated to the achievement of excellence in all of our activities. This objective of exellence demands the highest level of quality, integrity and professionalism in the selection and organization of products and services.



IBS has the power to change the thinking of our customers with Quality Product and best customer service.

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It is compulsory to undertake risk evaluation prior to commencing any project work. It is essential that all our principle is adopted by all our employees. If any danger is suspected at any stage of the project, the work will not be commencing until necessary precaution are taken. Any disease, injury and pollution can be prevente. Activities aimed at protecting the environment are planned and realized for all projected and IBS activities.